Moves & Changes

The art to moves and changes is a seamless transition between old and


Structured Cabling

Whether it is full data centre design or just a few additional Cat5e points, it's comforting to know your network is in our safe hands.


Space Management

With a fresh approach and a wealth of knowledge, we can ease the headache of the Business Manager.


Zytel Network Solutions

Zytel Network Solutions design, deliver and support network infrastructure, our knowledge and service concerning data networking is unparalleled, and the quality of our installations are second to none. We deliver projects within London and the South East, throughout the UK and Europe.

We cater for all size and type of installs including the Banking sector, Domestic, Government Buildings and Schools. Our extensive knowledge of data centre cabling, office relocations, and moves and changes, ensures we are sufficiently equipped to help. We are always pleased to quote for a job or just offer advice to our clients when necessary.

New Website Launched
Spring 2011 saw the long awaited launch of...

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